Software / Map editing
"Grab you mapping software here and become one of the most leetest mappers ever. It takes some time to learn the magic tricks of map editing, but when you get hold of it, nothing's impossible!"
Qoole99 v0.99 | 2 090 KB
  • " Qoole is a level editor for the popular 3D computer games which use the Quake engine. Qoole is an acronym for Quake Object Oriented Level Editor, and is pronounced like the word "cool". It is capable of creating new or modifying existing levels saved in id's .map or Qoole's .qle file formats. You can use Qoole to create better maps effortlessly without having any prior knowledge of 3D mapping. Both beginners and advanced map creators will find Qoole99 to be an indispensable tool for designing professional looking levels quickly and easily. "
added » 13.2.2005  |  Author » QOOLE Team / website
QuArK v6.4.0 alpha 3 | 5 696 KB
  • " QuArK is the Quake Army Knife, a multi-purpose tool for games based on or similar to the Quake engine by id Software. QuArK has the ability to directly edit maps, and to a limited extent, models, and can import, export and convert sounds, textures and various other game assets. It is also able to modify .pak and .pk3 files, as well as importing compiled BSP's in order to study the entities as well as add/change/delete entities from these files. "
added » 28.2.2005  |  Author » QuArK Team / website
Winmaprid | 2 020 KB
  • This program finds out from a .bsp file which textures map uses
added » 7.3.2005  |  Author » ?
WorldCraft v1.6 | 1 759 KB
  • " Worldcraft 1.6, a graphical level editor originally designed for id Software's Quake. With this release of Worldcraft, you can make your own maps for Quake, Quake II, and Hexen II. "
added » 13.2.2005  |  Author » Valve L.L.C. / website