Mods (Modifications)
AQ2: The Next Generation v2.81 | 262 KB
  • The latest version of TNG, modified by Maniac. Check changelog and readme for more info.
 »  Download v2.81 for Linux here | 297 KB

 »  Download v2.8 for Windows here | 226 KB
 »  Download v2.8 for Linux here | 260 KB
 »  Download TNG client packet (sounds, ctf-flags/skins..) here | 1 685 KB

added » 18.2.2006  |  Author » Finland Maniac and AQ2: TNG-Team
J-mod v1.2 | 163 KB
  • PaTMaN's jumping mod makes your jumping practise a lot more easier. You can respawn back to starting place, create puppets for teamjumping, mark your trails and more! We highly recommend using this mod if you are going to make some jump-demos for us :-)
added » 14.2.2005  |  Author » PaTMaN
LTK-bots v1.23 | 370 KB
  • " The LTK Bot is designed for both DM and TP (with 2 teams) games. One of the best things about the LTK Bot is unlike a lot of other Bot's you hear of during various games online, it isn't aimed at being a way of cheating, it is in fact an 'offline' aid. The LTK Bot makes AQ2 a very good and playable game offline, and the built in skill adjustment setting allows for beginners to find their feet before jumping straight into the online world of AQ2. "
 »  Download v1.22 Windows version here | 333 KB
 »  Download v1.22 Linux version here | 258 KB

added » 13.2.2005  |  Author » Connor "RiEvEr" Caple
SPAQ2 v1.35 | 202 KB
  • " Single Player Action Quake 2 is a mod of the popular Action Quake 2 adding single player, as well as numerous enhancements to the game including enemies taking location damage, all enemies firing action weaponry, and more! "
  • Just replace the gamex86.dll in your action/ folder and start Quake2. Set game action and start a new game from the menu, you're ready to play! :-)

    NOTICE! You need Quake2 full version, since Q2 demo doesn't have the single player maps.
added » 13.2.2005  |  Author » Lacutis