HUDs (Heads-Up-Display)
BASIC requirements:
  • Made by yourself Means: NOT just copied from other Q2 pak. Modifying others' paks allowed if permission granted by original author, don't abuse this. Also notice that you must make something COMPLETELY NEW for the pak, not only change the colour of your old pak or shit like that.
Full sets-section requirements:
  • AT LEAST the following .pcx images modified: a_boxshells, a_bullets, a_clip, a_m4, a_m61frag, a_mag, a_shells, anum_*.pcx, conback, i_health, i_jacketarmor, inventory, minius, net, num_*, p_bandolier, p_laser, p_rebreather, p_silencer, slippers, tag1, tag2, tag3, w_akimbo, w_cannon, w_knife, w_m4, w_mk23, w_mp5, w_sniper, w_super90
Conbacks-section requirements:
  • No player- or clan names/tags. Means: everyone can add their own or clan name to the conback if they want to. Some relevant text is ok. For example: Metallica conback
  • No adult material.
Conchars-section requirements:
  • Whole new set. Means: you must modify all the letters and numbers. Menu borders and such may be left alone, but it's recommended that you modify them too.. The point is to offer something new, right? :-)
Crosshairs-section requirements:
  • They must be done with good taste. Means: don't exaggerate with the crosshairs, just make them nice and clean. When editing, keep in mind that "someone is really going to use this scope" and so.
How to?
Basic info about .pak-files:
  • First of all, dealing with paks is easy. The harder part is modifying the content of the pak. Our suggestion is to use PakScape. There are different folders in paks. You can find the same folders in your quake2/action. The only difference is, that paks work like archives that quake2 can read. It's easier to just move a single file(the pak) than 20-100 different files in different folders. The pictures you see in your hud(crosshairs, scopes, ammo/weap pics, numbers etc) you will find under the folder /pics.
Getting a pak in use:
  • After downloading the pak to your quake2/action you rename it. You will have more than one pak in your quake2/action, so name the one you wish to use as pakX.pak. X is the number of the pak, which should be bigger than the numbers of the other paks. Newer clients support numbers up to 99.
Modifying a pak:
  • Open the pak with PakScape. Export the files you wish to edit/seek help from. After you have done editing/creating them, import them back into the pak. If you are creating a new pak file, remember to save it in .pak format. It's easy to choose the best bits from different paks into one folder, then make a pak of it that you like the most.