Jumping-section requirements:
  • Be sure that the jumps are not in our pack already! Means: watch our demos before you start making your own ones.
  • The jumps must be well performed. Means: no plumming, screw-ups or any other irrelevant behaviour, like writing between the jumps.
  • Correct filenames. Means: the packet "" and demos inside the packet "mapname_j#.dm2" where # stands for the number of the jump.
  • No J-mod puppet jumping. Means: You can get to a million places through million different routes if you use J-mod's puppets, so there's no sense of providing that kind of demos here. Exception: When you can get to some place ONLY with help of a puppet (f.ex. bugs on some maps), then we can reconsider uploading it.
Clanwars-section requirements:
  • The CW has to be special in some way. Means: We are NOT going to host all the normal newbie matches you've got out there. Action Gear staff reserves the right to decide what's special enough.
How to?
Viewing demos:
  1. Open the demo packet with whatever archiving program you use (Winzip/Winrar/etc).
  2. Extract the contents of the .zip into your quake2's subdir action/demos. (Make sure it doesn't create a new subdir into the demos/!)
  3. Start your Q2 client and load AQ2 by typing set game action;map base1 to the console.
  4. You have two ways to start playing the demos:

    * All Q2 clients have the command map, so type map demoname.dm2, where demoname is the name of the demo (f.ex. cloud_j1).

    * The other way is nowadays supported by all other used clients, except the original 3.20. First type demolist and you will see a list of demonames indexed by ascending ID numbers. Look for the demo you wish to play and type demoplay ID, where ID is the ID number of the demo.
  5. If there's anything you wish to skip in the demo, use the command timescale. Typing timescale 2 results in the demo going on 2 times the normal speed. Remember that you can't rewind it, so don't overuse this.
Recording demos:
  • When you're on server and ready to record, type record purepwnage and the demo will show up in you action/demos folder with name purepwnage.dm2. When your demo is done, just type stop. Simple as that.
  • Some more advanced clients - such as AprQ2 and NoCheat - have automatic recording function. Take a look at our Q2 clients-section to get more info about them.