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"What the hell is this place?"
The site was founded 7th February 2005 to serve the players of Action Quake2 - the greatest game of them all. Here we provide all kinds of material to help the players make their gaming experience even more enjoyable, you can see everything we offer at the moment in the left-side menu. Remember - there is always new stuff coming, so pay us a visit every now and then :-)

In matter of fact, the project was started already in year 2003, but it drained out cause of lack of interest. If you remember "Action Adrenaline", then you know what we're talking about. What-so-ever, now we're here to finish the job.

And for all of you developers: Please share your work, because it keeps this scene fresh and more alive.

Action Gear staff welcomes and wishes you a pleasent flight
"How can I contact the staff?"
There is THE good way and there is.. well.. the bad way.

        Good way: I R C / Our channel is #ActionGear and located at Quakenet.
        Bad way: E-mail, which is marlporo at aq2suomi dot com

In case you're going to offer some material for the pages, first make sure it meets the requirements. You can find category-specified requirements using the left-side menu. In our IRC-channel, all operators are part of the staff and you can present your questions / complaints / ideas to any of them.
"Who's behind all this?"

Finland MarlPoro, Webmastorbator
Finland Vermin, PERKELE
Finland NemesiS, HUD pro
Finland imeiz, Taso-Seppo
Chile Caracol, Spanish _@�
"But where is the CHEATS category?!"
What? Whaaatt thee f*****? If you came to look for cheats in here, you can go and a**f*** yourself, g'damn a**bandit! Here, take a huge f****** bowl of KISS-MY-A** with you in case you get hungry.. >:(